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Demarco has been an exceptional student, making honor roll from the beginning of his academic career to present. His kindergarten teacher wrote on his report card "Demarco loves school and absorbs new information like a sponge. He is the most intelligent, extraordinary student I have ever had the pleasure to teach. The fact that he reads on a 4th grade level delights my heart". This statement is an accurate insight into a young Demarco Rush, who made an impact on everyone he met. Demarco was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, although he lived in Georgia in his early years.  He played his first team sport there at the age of 4 with the "Welcome All Panthers".

Demarco began playing basketball in the fourth grade. The first two years of playing, his team did not do well. Unwilling to settle for this as the final outcome of his story, he began a rigorous routine of going to the neighborhood basketball court to practice and prove to himself and the world that he could do anything he set his mind to.  He would come home from the court discouraged when he wanted to play with the older and more experienced guys on the court. His mother told him to stay focused and keep practicing!"  He took those words to heart and practiced every day, often the lone person on the court. 

By the time Demarco began 6th grade at 11 years old, he knew he was not being challenged by the recreation team he had played on for the past two years, so after telling his mother how he felt, she initiated the build of a new team under Montgomery County recreation and enlisted a friend to coach a new team called the "Silver Spring Hoyas". Demarco and the Hoyas went undefeated in 2014 and at the end of the season fell short in the championship game with a loss. This loss also served as ammunition Demarco. For the rest of the year, Demarco spent every waking moment at the court practicing and sharpening his skills. He lost over 20 pounds on his own by working out at the court rain or shine and changing and maintaining a healthy diet,  He motivated his whole family to join him in making healthier choices.  He became knowledgeable in every aspect of basketball, with ESPN and sports center taking over every television in the house.   Also while in 6th grade, Demarco became an assistant to Dondrell Whitmore, (head basketball coach - Blake H.S.) for after school basketball and soccer programs. Although Coach Whitmore originally had a high school assistant in mind, he gave this 6th grader a chance and Demarco was determined to do a great job and earn his required student service learning hours doing something that he loved.

In the summer of 2014, Demarco attended the “Reach Beyond Basketball” camp run by Lenny Myers (head JV coach and Asst. Varsity coach – J.F. Kennedy High School) and received out of over 100 campers the 4 c's award where he displayed exceptional confidence, commitment, consistency, and character. In 2014, Demarco also played football for Maplewood Athletics, and  was selected and started on his middle school basketball and softball teams.

After 4 years of playing for Montgomery County Recreation – Demarco led his team, the Silver Spring Hoyas to the championship victory as the top offensive player in an undefeated season. After his 2015 championship season, Demarco moved on to play with the "Potomac Valley Classics" in the Amatuer Athletics Union (AAU) under Coach Sharleen Parsons. At the same time, he played during his 7th and 8th grade years for Loiderman middle school.

In his 8th grade year, Demarco was awarded most valuable player (MVP) for Loiederman Middle School basketball team by Coach Ben Minturn and was voted "Most Athletic" by his peers.  Demarco spent his summer 2016 training at Reach Beyond Basketball camp. Demarco won the 4 C's award at Reach Beyond Basketball camp again in the summer of 2016. His AAU team also became the 1st place champions in the NTBA flames tournament that same.  In November 2016, Demarco became one of two starting freshman on his High School basketball team under Coach McCoy. Out of 62 students, 12 were chosen and Demarco became one of the leading scorers.  He had a successful year with his JV team as a Sophomore under Coach Thomas McTighe.  

  In November 2016, Demarco made his high school JV basketball team under Coach Brenton McCoy. Out of 62 students only 12 were chosen and Demarco became a starter as a freshman and one of the leading scorers for the team. After basketball season was completed in 2017, Demarco made his school's male volleyball team. According to Demarco, this was a way to gain skills that would assist him in dunking. In May 2017, Demarco was one of a few freshman selected for his high school varsity summer league basketball team. His sophomore season was a mirror of his freshman season where he made a great impact by ending the season as the Leading Scorer and with most assists.  

 Demarco completed a successful Junior season on the the Varsity team under Coach McCoy.  He also had a successful Volleyball season. He played AAU with a team called Onyx Elite for a while and then joined his current AAU Team S.T.A.T. with Coach Tree.  As a member of Team S.T.A.T, he helped his team secure 3 Championship Wins at Hoop Groups tournaments.  

He is a member of the Wheaton H.S. football team playing Wide Receiver/Tight End and looking forward to a remarkable basketball season in the fall.    

He is an honor roll student and is taking ALL honors classes at Wheaton High School.  Demarco worked as a Camp Counselor for the YMCA, while playing for Wheaton High's summer league going into his Senior Year.   Demarco will graduate with Honors this year.  He looks forward to playing College Basketball while he studies for a degree in 2021.  As of February 2020, he has been received 8 acceptance letters to various Colleges and Universities.  He has not yet committed.  

*Note - in addition to playing basketball for 7 years, Demarco has also played football. Teams included the "Welcome All Panthers", Atlanta, GA - age 4, "Maplewood Athletics", Bethesda, MD - age 12,  "Silver Spring Gladiators" - age 14, and Wheaton H.S. Varsity Football 2019-2020.  Men's Varsity Volleyball all four years of high school and pitcher on the Loiederman Middle School Softball team.