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What People Are Saying!

"He is ready! Cant wait..."

- Steve Francis, Former NBA Player of the Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, and the New York Knicks

"He is a nice talent he reminds me of younger Charles Barkley with his size and game play. How can I help"?

- Joseph Campbell, Professional Basketball player from ABA Georgia Gwizzlies

What People are Saying!

“...If we could take a little bit of Demarco and give each student his blueprint, that would be great”

 - Josh Fine
Assistant School Administrator. 7th Grade Loiderman MS

“...Thank you for allowing Demarco to help out with the afterschool programs"!
- Dondrell Whitmore

Head Basketball Coach, Blake High School Owner, 1uphandles

"Demarco has a very good base & unselfish game. I like his game ... he has a ton of hustle"
- Robert Wilkins, Jr. 

Assistant Coach | Creative Director at ESDC Youth Basketball Org

"...Demarco Rush is a cross between a young Charles Barkley and Paul Pierce"!

 - Malik Taylor aka Phife Dawg, member of A Tribe Called Quest

“...Demarco Rush is the winner of the 4 C's Award for "Reach Beyond Basketball Summer Camp 2014 & 2016"

(Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, Character)
- Lenny Myers, President, Reach Beyond Basketball/Head Coach, John F. Kennedy High School